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here are a number of options if you want to order wine you have seen from our sponsors at the YP Wine Tastings. 

There are two basic categories of the YP Wine Club with different levels in each:

1.  I want wine from great wineries delivered to my door each month.  The wine I want can only be found by travelling to that winery and buying directly, or through the YP Wine Club.  I don't want what everyone can just buy online or in stores.  Click here for the wine  www.FindGoodWine.com 


2.  I want to get into the wine business.  I want the above benefits, plus I want 40% off my wine and I want to be paid when my friends and colleagues join the YP Wine Club.  Click here to find out more about the wine business  www.YPWineClub.com and click here to jump right into the wine business www.YPWineLovers.com   This last page includes the option for 1 and 2. 


For the schedule of events, go up to www.YPWineTastings.com

For more information about the wine tastings and Young Professionals, reach out to:


Martina Sinclair, Director, YP Wine Tastings

Remember, Young Professionals ALWAYS promotes safe driving.  Let one of us know if you need us to call you a cab.